David is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker from the city of Brotherly Love.

The most common question I’m asked is what genre do I work in? While I went to school with an interest in the documentary form, I have always had an appreciation for genre filmmaking motivated by storytelling and characters. This interest has lead me to pursue creating works in numerous areas ranging from the supernatural to horror to science fiction. I extend this mindset into any project which I am affiliated with and have a tendency to always read between the lines. I am inspired by numerous works and have an appreciation for the craft that compromises the filmmaking universe.

Outside of my film life I am currently working as an engineer on a large data recovery project for the post production arm of a film vault in Hollywood. I carry a BA in Radio/TV/Film production from Rowan University as well as an MS/MBA dual degree in Television Management and Entrepreneurship from Drexel University. I also have a professional background in information technology.